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Niels Bokhove & Marijke van Dorst, Einmal ein grosser Zeichner [Franz Kafka pictorial artist]


A collection of all hitherto known drawings of the author Franz Kafka, edited by Niels Bokhove and Marijke van Dorst.
Franz Kafka is famous as a writer, but his original wish to become a draughtsman is almost unknown. This edition brings together the fourty drawings ever here and there published. Each drawing is accompanied with one or more texts (in German), belonging to or matching with it . The volume concludes with an afterword (in Dutch) and copious notes to the drawings.
A publication on occasion of the decennial jubilee of the Dutch Franz Kafka Circle.
Edition in large size (A4), 99 pp. Restricted printing.
Salon Saffier, publisher.
Orders to: Marijke van Dorst, or:
Nachtegaalstraat 55 II, NL-3581 AD Utrecht. Tel./fax +31 30 670 10 20.
ISBN 90-807595-1-1. - Price € 18,50 (excl. dispatch costs (package and postage) Europe priority € 5,25, standard € 4,00; outside Europe priority € 10,00, standard € 6,50).
Order by remittance of total amount to M. van Dorst/Salon Saffier, Postbank 3258980 (or by sending an International Money Order), mentioning 'Kafka drawings'. N.B. all bank charges etc. for client's account (OUR)! (IBAN NL 30 - PSTB 0003 2598980. And one HAS to mention "M. van Dorst", not only "Salon Saffier", because this last is not linked to the IBAN number in the bank's system)

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